Monday, November 3, 2014

Peaceful at the Park

There's something so inviting about a park bench.  It says "Hey!  Slow down, take a break and sit for a while."  So I take a few minutes to sit and watch the ripples in the pond, or the kids playing on the nearby playground, or the squirrels scurrying around, collecting nuts and seeds to store for the winter.

I've had some version of these photographs in mind for several years, and a week or so ago I had the opportunity to capture them.  The changing seasons give the trees such a variety of colors, that it's as though Mother Nature is saying "Watch this!  I'm really going to put on a show, and maybe this will hold you until spring when I bring the leaves and flowers back again."  I'm grateful to our local park board for maintaining this beautiful community park, and making it such an inviting place to spend time, either gathering with friends, or reflecting on your own.

"Park Bench by the Pond"

"Peace & Reflection"


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