Sunday, April 21, 2013

Field of Dreams...and Memories

"Backyard Baseball Memories"
This photo is something that I've had in mind for quite some time.  It represents countless hours of impromptu baseball games.  Some from when I was young, and some from when my boys were young.   I also made a black and white version, for those who prefer a more timeless feel to the image.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Buzzing with Activity!

"Pear Blossom Pollinator"

The two Bradford Pear trees planted behind my church were just loaded with blossoms last Sunday, and the bees were busy taking advantage of the situation!  It was a perfect time to get some close up shots of these busy guys at work.  Spring has been late in arriving this year, so we are glad for every sign that we get that warmer weather is here to stay.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Update to "Outside My Comfort Zone"

I'm happy to announce that "Country Lane," the image that is pictured in the "Stretching Outside My Comfort Zone" entry, has been chosen to be a part of the Columbia Art League's "Green" exhibit.  The exhibit runs from April 16 - June 22, 2013, at the CAL's gallery, 207 S. Ninth Street, Columbia, MO. The opening reception on Wednesday, April 17th is from 6-8PM, and is open to the public. If you are local, I hope you'll drop by sometime and enjoy all the artwork that explores many the interpretations (literal and figurative) of "green."

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Coming soon -- "Ashland Out Loud"

In just five days I'm looking forward to participating in a wonderful community event:  Ashland Out Loud.  For those that aren't familiar with it -- the event is held the third Thursday of April, and is designed to showcase all that his good about the little town of Ashland, Missouri.

The event that I'm taking part in is the "Community Stroll" -- in which local businesses will have tables set up along the sidewalks of Broadway with information about their business, and products as well!  My table will be placed just outside of the Great Reflections salon, on the corner of Broadway and Main streets. I'll have matted 11"x14" prints and greeting cards for sale, as well as a copy of my portfolio in case anyone is interested in the images that I don't have on hand.

Please keep your fingers crossed for a nice day -- the forecast doesn't look great, but here in Missouri, that's always subject to change!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Stretching Outside My Comfort Zone

Today I submitted an entry for the Columbia Art League's upcoming "Green" art show.  Any type of artwork that fits within the "green" theme could be entered, and then a jury will determine which pieces will make it into the show.  Here's the piece I entered:

"Country Lane"
The photo was taken just past our home.  The trees on the right side of the photograph are on the Three Creeks Conservation Area, and the ones on the left side of the road are on our farm.  I do feel truly blessed to live in such an area.

Although over the last year I've begun to be involved in the Ashland Artists Group and participate in some local arts/crafts fairs -- exhibiting my photography in a Columbia Art League show is definitely outside my comfort zone!  I don't know how many artists will enter work for the show, or how many will be chosen to participate -- so I don't have a clue what my odds are.  But keep your fingers crossed for me!  I should know more by Monday.

The Next Wave

On Wednesday, April 10th, we had wave upon wave of storms move through the central and southern states.  My area was fortunate not to have any highwinds or hail, but he sure had torrential downpours!  This shot was taken mid-morning from our back porch, as one of the wall clouds was forming in the west, and getting ready to move over us. 

I took this image with the panorama mode of my Sony A55 dslr.  Using this, I can press the shutter button while facing one end of my intended image, and hold it down as I pan slowly (and levelly, if that's a word) to the other end.  The camera then "stitches" it all together for me -- which is much nicer for me than having to use special software (and special skills) to do this manually.  Many of the newer "point and shoot" cameras have this feature too -- so if you are planning any vacation travel to any areas with beautiful vistas, it might be time to upgrade your camera.  Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure the iPhone 5 does panoramas too -- something else to keep in mind.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hope Springs Eternal

One of the best features of spring is the sense of hopefulness it brings. We watch the trees for signs of leaves, and the bulbs emerging from the ground for their first colorful blooms.